Sophia Submission Form
INSTRUCTIONS (Please read carefully)

Complete the following two steps to complete your submission:

1. Fill out the form below and hit the “submit” button; carefully answer ALL questions.

2. Email your essay as a MS Word document (no PDFs or .txt files, please) to Thomas Bretz, The subject line of the email should say, “Sophia Submission”. Make sure the attached essay contains ONLY the title of your essay—DELETE YOUR NAME, COURSE, AND PROFESSOR, along with any other identifying information. Be sure that the title of the essay matches the title you list on the form.

REQUIREMENTS: Submissions should be 8-15 pages (double spaced), must include Bibliography, and preferably conform to Chicago style (16th edition) formatting.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Consider submitting an essay that received a high grade in an upper-level course and/or an essay you would like to revise for a graduate school writing sample or a professional job application.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Authors whose papers are accepted must commit to completing revisions as well as participating in editorial workshops with faculty advisors and student staff.

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