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Please use this form to submit a film to the main competition of the FANS Youth Film Festival. We accept films of 15 minutes and under which have been made by young people based in Scotland aged 14 to 25 years in the last 2 years.

Each applicant may submit up to 3 films - please use a new form for each submission.

Films screened at the FANS Youth Film Festival will be selected by the FANS Youth Team

If you want to submit to our Film Challenges - please follow this link; and submit a separate application.

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Please use this space to provide the names for the lead roles in the film e.g. Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Sound design, lead Cast etc. If your film is selected this will be published in the festival brochure
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If your film is selected for the festival this e-mail address will be published in the festival brochure as the main contact for the film
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Uploading your film
To submit, upload your film to Youtube or Vimeo; if you want to you can keep it 'unlisted' and only send us the link, rather than having it publicly available on those platforms.
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