KYU Summer Camp 2023 Registration
Event Timing: 9:00am - 12:30pm
Event Address: 255 Kingscourt Ave., Kingston ON
Contact us at (613) 546-9540 or
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I give permission for the youth(s) in my care noted above, to attend and participate in this program set forth by Kingston Youth Unlimited. *
I give permission for the person(s) in charge to seek medical assistance for the youth(s) in my care noted above, in the event of accident or injury. Furthermore, I do not hold Kingston Youth Unlimited or any of their subsidiary programs responsible for any harm that may occur to the youth(s) in my care noted above, as a result of his/her willful participation in the program. *
I give permission to the youth(s) in my care noted above (age 10+) to sign him/herself in and out without a parent present. In doing so, I release Kingston Youth Unlimited.
I do authorize Kingston Youth Unlimited to take, use and own, in perpetuity; names, photographs or video/audio recordings of the youth(s) in my care noted above, understanding that these may be used for public promotional purpose. Kingston Youth Unlimited does not sell or give away any recorded materials or mailing list information.
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