PRIMER 2018 Speaker Application
Submission deadline is Jan 30, 2018.
Approved speakers will be contacted by Feb 28, 2018.
Conference will be held in May 2018 in San Francisco

Theme: Transformation & Possibilities

Humans have evolved from a relatively insignificant species to one that has dramatically reshaped our planet in a mere 70,000 years. Our capacity to imagine the future has always been fundamental to our ability to reinvent ourselves as a species. Our collective visions about what the future could be offer us tools to think with, as we anticipate threats, craft new worlds, and adapt to change. But the unprecedented challenges now facing our species call for expanding this capacity to imagine alternative futures into being. The Primer 18 conference seeks submissions for talks that explore the theme of transformations and possibilities. What new trajectories of transformation might be forged? How do adjacent possibilities reshape our relationship to the future or to alternative presents? What new frameworks or methods are needed to overcome the significant hurdles facing us today? We encourage participation from a diverse array of fields.

What PRIMER looks for in a speaker:
PRIMER 18 is pursuing a diverse range of presentations and talk topics. PRIMER is seeking speakers who are futurists, science fiction writers and filmmakers, architects, researchers and designers to share unique stories, progressive methodologies, frameworks, & case studies.

When submitting speaking topics, content should guide and inspire both this current generation and the next. Content can be practical, tactical, theoretical, conceptual, or strategic, but should fit into the overarching theme around change and the power to shape the world of tomorrow.

The PRIMER 18 Conference Program is compact, so the compilation of speakers will span a wide range of experience. However, content is king. Like PRIMER 17, acceptance of speakers will be determined, but not limited by the following: articulation of proposal, speaking experience, theme-fit, expertise, and overall uniqueness of the talk or workshop.

Workshop Thoughts:
Workshops should be geared towards expertise growth, through a teaching experience with hands-on activities such as short lectures mixed with participation exercises, handouts and practical how to techniques that can be applied are ideal. Workshops require extended time and commitment from attendees, so a compelling topic and well-planned agenda is vital to keep your audience excited and engaged.

Speaker Honorariums:
PRIMER is not responsible for airfare/hotel accommodations, but will provide some assistance with arrangements. Honorariums will be paid as a lump sum, the amount of which will be determined upon speaker acceptance into the conference program.

Check out last year's conference:

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