Superior Hiking Trail Association - 2019 Trail Use Notification Form
The Superior Hiking Trail has experienced a significant increase in foot traffic in recent years, as the popularity of the SHT has grown. To ensure the integrity of the Trail and to protect the experience of other trail users, the Superior Hiking Trail Association (SHTA) now requires large groups and events to complete this Trail Use Notification form.

By providing this information, you will help SHTA minimize or prevent crowding and conflict where large user groups (e.g. hikers/campers, trail races) use the same section of the Superior Hiking Trail at the same time. It also helps us gauge the level and intensity of use for maintenance purposes.

For formally organized institutions, associations, clubs, and private businesses (e.g. Scouts, running clubs, LLCs, nonprofit groups, colleges and other schools): please provide a certificate of liability insurance for the event in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for each occurrence. The Superior Hiking Trail Association must be named as an additional insured on the liability insurance and the certificate must contain this language:

"The Superior Hiking Trail Association, its officers, employees, and contractors are named via endorsement as an Additional Insured under the terms of this policy."

For large hiking-camping groups: provide this information only if your group is larger than eight people AND if you plan to camp on the trail for three nights or more.

For any and all large groups using the SHT: use of the Trail is free, of course, but maintaining and renewing it is not. We would appreciate a donation to the SHTA from your group or organization as a way to support the ongoing work to keep the SHT a world-class hiking trail. Donate here:

Email address *
Who are you? (Your organization or business name) *
Who is your leader or primary contact person? (If it's not you, please provide an email or phone number for your contact.) *
What is the nature of your event? *
When will your event or trail activity take place? *
For large camping-hiking groups: please provide starting and ending date. For trail race events: please provide a start and end time.
How many people do you expect to participate? *
What section(s) of the Superior Hiking Trail will you use for your event? What are your starting and ending trail heads? *
Any other information you'd like us to know?
Have you made your contribution to SHTA to support the Trail yet? We would be pleased if you did. Click here: *
If you are a formally organized institution, association, clubs, or private business, please upload your Certificate of Liability insurance here or email a copy to Denny Caneff at
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