Dear Potential Mentee, please note that the mentoring fellowship is competitive and only 40 students will be selected to participate, so please take the application seriously.


1. Mentees agree to meet with mentors in-person, at the mentor’s choice of location, at least twice a year (preferably more) to discuss one of the three main areas:

a. Career Development: Discussions on career options focusing on particular fields of interest and sharing experiences on work life

b.Life Skills: Discussions on practical skills needed to go about life e.g. etiquette, money matters, personal management, networking, timeliness, citizen engagement, etc.

c.College preparation: Preparation for college/ University e.g. Balancing freedom and time management, contact with faculty, research on schools, writing international exams, as applicable, etc. Particularly important for 2nd or 3rd year of high school

2. Maintain a cordial yet professional relationship with your mentor

3. Commit to not making any monetary demands from your mentor


1. The mentoring program is for 3 years, and will occur over the duration of senior secondary school (SHS 1 – 3). By filling out this form, you are indicating your interest and availability to participate in the mentoring program over the three-year period (unless academic or parental advice causes an end to the program)

2. Maintain virtual communication with mentor at least once every three months (by phone, email, Skype etc.)

3. Meet with your mentor in-person at least twice a year (during school vacations)

4. Participate in at least one program identified for the mentoring community (there are three total in the year, during each vacation)

5. Develop a 1-2 pages report twice a year (during vacations) to provide feedback on your mentorship experience. This report should include successes, lessons learned, and any improvement to the program. Please include pictures where possible


2018 Ahaspora Mentoring Program Application Form
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