MTT 2020 Dundie Awards!
“Well I’ve been kinda going through a rough patch. The whole year actually.” This Michael Scott quote pretty much sums up 2020, but one silver lining to this sh*tstorm of a year is quarantine and lockdowns led to lots and lots of great fanfic with over 240 new and updated stories!
* We are asking all members and readers to nominate their choices for the 2020 MTT Dundie Awards. We are going to give a few categories and you can write in as many choices you want. We’ll also leave a few blank sections for you to create your own Dundie award category and select nominees.
* You can fill out as many or few categories as you like. You are also free to submit more than one form if you don't want to do the form all at once or come up with other nominations.
* All stories published or updated in the year 2020 are eligible for Dundies, as are in-progress or completed stories. We have created a spreadsheet with the title, author, summary and other stats of all 2020 fics for you to review:
* Additionally we are asking you to nominate your favorite reviewers and encourage you to think of other Dundie Awards that can be given to members, especially members that aren’t authors.
* This year, after this nomination round we will be having a vote on the top story categories (overall fave, favorite angst, favorite 10k+ words etc) so please feel free to nominate any stories you think are worthy of consideration.
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Story related Categories
Nominate as many stories as you like! We will later have a vote on the categories with an asterisk* and crown the Top 5~10, so nominate any story you feel is worthy of consideration.
Favorite Fanfics Overall of 2020*
Nominate as many as you’d like in any genre!
Favorite Longer Fics (10k+ words)*
Favorite shorter fics/oneshots (less than 10k words)*
Favorite Fluffy Fanfic*
So sweet you’ll need a dental appointment!
Favorite Angsty Fanfic*
What fics delivered that delicious angst?
Favorite Steamy Fanfic*
What fics fogged up your screens?
Favorite "Under the Radar" Fic
What 2020 fics deserved more attention? (Fics with low review/jellybean/read counts)
Favorite Moment in a Fanfic
Any genre, please name the author and the fic it came from. Please be specific, and please refrain from submitting things like "everything about X-fic" (no matter how amazing the fic is ;-) )
Favorite Rereads/Discoveries of 2020
Whether you reread it for the 5th time or only discovered it this year, what older fics had a big impact on you last year? (vote for anything published and last updated before 2020)
Member-related categories
Favorite Authors Overall
Nominate as many as you’d like!
Favorite Genre Authors
Some authors are know for bringing the steam. Other can write canon compliant so well you feel like it’s a scene straight from the show. Here you can nominate authors who have great skill in a particular area/genre. Please write their name, a hyphen and the area/genre you feel they stand out in. Some area/genre suggestions: steam, angst, fluff, canon-compliant/divergent, AU, humor, dialogue, etc.
Breakout Authors
Whether they were new to MTT or had published before but really came into their own this year, which authors do you feel had a breakout year in 2020?
Favorite reviewers
Which members left the best/funniest/most insightful reviews?
Create your own Dundies!
Now we’re arguably to the best part! Come up with your own Dundie awards and nominate some fics or members for it. We encourage you to be creative and specific. We also encourage you to think of awards that can be given to members that aren’t authors so everyone can get in on the fun!
1. Create your own dundie category!
Here you can come up with your own Dundie award and nominate some fics or members for it
2. Create your own dundie category!
Here you can come up with your own Dundie award and nominate some fics or members for it
3. Create your own dundie category!
Here you can come up with your own Dundie award and nominate some fics or members for it
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