Mentor Recruitment: 2020 NARST Graduate Student Research Symposium (due January 27, 2020)
Thank you for your interest in mentoring a science education graduate student on their research works-in-progress at the 2020 NARST Annual International Conference. Please complete this form ranking abstracts for graduate students you are willing to mentor by January 27, 2020. Graduate student abstracts are available for your review and selection here:
Mentors will be assigned by February 18th.

Time commitment
*Read 10-15 page double-spaced draft proposal and provide written and verbal feedback
*Attend the 2020 NARST Graduate Student Research Symposium held on Tuesday March 17th, 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Partial attendance is acceptable. Mentors can also schedule a one-on-one meeting while at NARST if there is a schedule conflict preventing symposium attendance.

Questions? Contact Ayca Fackler at
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