Volunteer Application Form for Trainee Graduates Summer 2021
Please fill out this form ONLY if you have graduated the Trainee program at Adventure Valley Day Camp, and are completing Grade 9 in June 2021. All new staff and volunteers must use the regular staff application online.
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Who do you think exhibited the qualities of a phenomenal staff last summer? What did they do that was so fantastic? *
Besides for the Trainee program, please describe your experience working with children *
Tell us about a moment during the Trainee program where you felt proud *
Based on the feedback you received from your Trainee Supervisor, what skills/qualities do you think you need to work on this summer? *
Volunteer Contract Options
Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of two consecutive weeks. When are you hoping to volunteer? *
(This isn't a formal commitment, we are interested in seeing what you are hoping for, but these dates can be modified! We'd much rather you submit an application and go through the interview process earlier rather than later)
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