Before concert questionnaire
Nice to see you here again! Please tell us a bit about how come you are listening to this concert.
Please write your codename *
To generate your codename, please write the first and second letter of your mother’s name, then the first and second letter of your father’s name, followed by your day of birth. For example: Mother’s name Helen, Father’s Name Peter, date of birth 01/02/03, codename would be HEPE01. The only important thing is to keep your codename consistent across all the questionnaires, so, as long as you remember what you have used, feel free to use a different combination.
Did you choose to listen to this concert? *
How well do you know: *
Not at all
A little
Quite a lot
Very much
the music
the composer(s)
the performer(s)/ ensemble
Do you have a favourite piece/ part of the music you are about to listen? *
If yes what?
How much have you prepared for the concert? *
Not at all
Very much
You have prepared for the concert by
Have you looked at the information about the concert? *
Would you consider yourself an expert on the music you are about to listen to? *
Not at all (I have never heard anything like this before)
Very much (I listen to this kind of music all the time, I know details about it)
Are you looking forward to the concert? *
Not at all
Very much
Do you have any music in your head at the moment? *
Music in your head, or an earworm, is the common name for the experience of having music in your head, without actually recalling it. The scientific name for it is Involuntary musical imagery (INMI), and it is a very common phenomenon and yet we know little about it. The music in your head may loop, or be repeated, the experience may be pleasant or annoying, it may be from a piece you know and/or heard recently. We are interested in hearing about all your experiences, and you can give us as many or as little details as you want.
Not at all
Very much
If so, could you please try to describe it as accurately as possible
This could include name/composer/era/genre/describing main theme/ instruments/duration or any other information you may think relevant.
Have you had the music from the concert in your head? *
Do you have any other comments regarding your pre-concert experience?
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