.Gacha Guild. Spring 2019 Creator Application

This is the application form for designers interested in participating in the .Gacha Guild. events.
By completing this application it does NOT guarantee a designer spot at or in the .Gacha Guild.

You will only be contacted if and only if you have been accepted. Please do not harass the staff
for an update on your application status.

Event Time-Line & Information
Theme: Fantasy // RPG // Nature

02/16/19 // Application Deadline
02/23/19 // Set-up
02/27/19 // Set-up Deadline

03/01/19 // Event Start

03/14/19 // Half-time Event Set-Up Deadline
03/16/19 // Half-time Event Start

03/31/19 // Event End

04/01/19 // Clean-Up
(If not cleaned up by 04/03/19 all objects will be returned)

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