Questionnaire on the teacher's planning process
Every country, and often every school, has own rules and cultures, that settle on the ways, the form and contents of the work planning done by the teachers.
In this questionnaire we are focusing on two levels of planning:
1. The annual planning, decided by the teacher at the beginning of the year, where the teacher describes the pathway for each discipline and for his classroom, to develop throughout the year.
2. The working session planning, which describes the teacher's scheduled items for the single lesson, or for two or three on the same topic.
Annual planning also means the course the teacher decides for his / her own subject and for his / her class year by year, which is different from the school's curriculum, that is established at national / regional / single institution level, and is a reference for all teachers.
Both annual and individual sessions can be explicit or implicit (or being present only in the personal notes of the teacher). The questionnaire wants to investigate the actual practices of teachers and the ways they adopt them for the actual planning, for the work to do within the specific subjects and classes.
The questionnaire is one of the tools to start the research within the DEPIT project "Designing for personalization and inclusion with technologies" (Erasmus +). The aim of this project is to develop, test and transfer an interactive learning design methodology and App into the participating school and university systems of the partner countries, then promoting its adoption in further EU countries.

The participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous, and the dissemination of the collected data can take place through reports and/or in a scientific publication.

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