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Program Interest
We would like to support you as you seek to apply SD skills beyond your university career. Please read the general descriptions below and rate your level of interest in each of the programs. If we find a high level of interest for these programs, we will reach back out to the appropriate group of alumni and continue to get their input as we build these programs.
Ambassador Program *
Apply to be a member of a select cohort of 5-10 alumni leaders that want to bring Sustained Dialogue to their communities or workplaces. Ambassadors participate in several training sessions facilitated by SDCN staff over a 6-12 month period, with significant opportunities to develop action plans alongside peers in other organizations. They will also have the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching from IISD leadership. We are seeking input from interested alumni to refine the program design. Program will likely launch in 2013. Note: this is a training program, not a full-time engagement.
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Customized Trainings for Organizations *
Many SD alumni have introduced SDCN to their workplace and have brought SDCN to conduct trainings and build capacity around leadership, inclusion, problem solving, and effective decision making. If you select this option, we will follow-up with you to help you assess whether this is a good option for your organization.
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