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Queer Diary is the show where LGBTQ+ people read from their teenage diaries for a live audience!

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🌈📖 Queer Diary  📸 @capturedbycorinne 2021
Photos by https://www.capturedbycorinne.co.uk/ 

Description: 4 pictures of different people reading into a microphone in front of a turquoise velvet curtain under warm lighting with audience members just visible in the foreground. 
L to R: Amandeep - a South Asian woman in a grey checked shirt with hair tied back, Beth - a white person with dark wavy hair up in a half-bun wearing a pink blazer, Sophie - a white woman with light blonde hair in a black dress, Saxon - a white non-binary person with short brown hair wearing glasses and a denim shirt.
More about Queer Diary

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🌈 Our Story

Queer Diary started in 2020, with Zoom diary-readings. In 2021 we held our first in-person events. We now run a mix of events in queer-friendly spaces (pubs, theatres, community venues) across the UK, including monthly nights in London.

Queer Diary is created and hosted by performer Beth Watson (who's currently writing a teenage-diary themed show, called Hasbian), and the producer is Josephine Shipp.

You can find us on insta, twitter, and facebook and contact us via hasbianshow@gmail.com

🌈 What to share?
  • QUEER 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
ALL queer people are welcome: Anyone under the big LGBTQIA+ rainbow umbrella!
Your reading does NOT need to be about queerness
Many of us grew up with no idea we were LGBTQIA+, did not have the language to write about 'queer stuff', or didn't feel safe doing so. It's OK if your diary's not queer "themed".
  • TEENAGE! 👶
Your reading MUST be from your younger years.
We can stretch the concept of "teens" for something from when you were 10/20, but our stage is strictly for "coming-of-age" era writing - NOT current material.
This is NOT the place for a current stand-up routine, new poem, or an extract from your play (unless it includes a reading from your real teenage diary!!). 
You're welcome to plug your show/social media, etc, after reading, but please only bring stuff made during your youth.
Diaries is a suggestion - we really love ANYthing written in your youth.
We welcome all your teenage writing - not just diaries: we also love poetry, fanfic, artwork, songs, letters, tumblr posts, msn conversations, etc. 
Just let us know what you've got!

🌈 Why?

Queer Diary was created for LGBTQ+ people to bond by sharing coming-of-age experiences, and to help raise money for organisations supporting queer youth, education, and community.

Reading your teenage secrets aloud may be scary, but it can be hilarious, exhilarating, and empowering. It's a chance to feel seen and recognised, to connect with your younger-self, and with other queers.

At Edinburgh Fringe, it's a great opportunity to try something different from your usual routine, and plug your show to our lovely queer audience!

🌈 Edinburgh dates/locations
Tuesday 8th MIDNIGHT show at the Spiegelyurt
Friday 18th 14:10 Pleasance Courtyard
Friday 25th 14:10 Pleasance Courtyard

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