Student Information Sheet
Please read through the class syllabus on Blackboard with a parent/guardian and then fill this form out as accurately as possible.
What is your first and last name?
Your answer
What period do you have ICM?
What grade are you currently in?
Your STUDENT email address
Your answer
Mother/Guardian's First and Last Name
Your answer
Mother/Guardian's Home Phone Number
Your answer
Mother/Guardian's Cell Phone Number
Your answer
Mother/Guardian's Email Address
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Father/Guardian's First and Last Name
Your answer
Father/Guardian's Home Phone Number
Your answer
Father/Guardian's Cell Phone Number
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Father/Guardian's Email Address
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What is your schedule this semester?
FORMAT: Period, Class, Teacher, Room #
Your answer
What was the last math class you took?
What grade did you receive in your last math class?
Do you have internet access?
Can be at home/work/library.
Do you have a cell phone with the ability to send/receive text messages?
*We will use Remind/Twitter/Internet.*
What school activities are you a part of?
Sports, clubs, chorus, band, DECA, NHS, etc.
Your answer
What are your expectations of this class?
Grade you expect to earn, level of difficulty, etc.
Your answer
Do you currently have a job?
If so, do you work during the week, weekends only, etc.
Your answer
What do you want to do after high school?
Job, College/Major, Travel, etc.
Your answer
Can you donate any of the following to our classroom?
I have read through the syllabus and understand what is expected of me in this class. I will commit to my responsibilities as an honor student.
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