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Thank you for the interest in my commissions! Please fill out the form as best as you can!
Please read my ToS and detailed style samples on this link:

*Note: June 2022: I've opened commissions on Patreon and because of that, I have more workload. My delivery time has been extended. Please be patient!

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To confirm, ask questions and to send you the finished file, please check frequently while we work for approval <3
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To send an invoice once your commission is approved
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Image references of your character(s)! *
VISUAL REFERENCES: Please add the URL to the image references or character sheets. If you're ordering a portrait, please focus in close-up references. If you want a commission where your character back is seen, please send reference of back side as well to see hairstyle, tail, etc
Image references of the outfits!
If you chose a couple, please add references for both character's outfits. If you want an elaborate outfit such as ffxiv/wow elraboted gear, armor, etc - I'll add a plus to the invoice.
Would you like any elaborate extra elements?
Describe here if you reqluire any extra: detailed background, detailed armor, elements, pets, mounts, enviroments... and feel free to add visual refs. I'll get back to you with a quotation of the extra.
Written description of your idea!! :) *
Got a particular idea in mind? Please add it here. Please use simple sentences and allow me some freedom. You're welcome to add a pose that you liked, and I'll try to replicate it in my way. :D
By agreeing here, you are agreeing pay the invoice sent after your commission is approved. *
Note: First come first serve. Commissions paid first will be the ones done first. If your commission is not paid after the invoice is sent or takes more than a week, your commission will be canceled.
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