We are looking for ideas for facilitated interactive sessions called "Catalyst Sessions" during the Futurebound Summit from Nov 12th-15th. We have approximately 6 blocks of time in the 4-day agenda held for our ecosystem partners to lead and facilitate. What ideas do you have?

DEADLINE: Submissions are due Sunday September 29th, 11:59pm

1. Educate stakeholders about topics in child development that matter to them as well as the purpose and vision of Futurebound
2. Convene a diverse set of stakeholders to create meaningful and value add connections, amplify fortuitous collisions
3. Build relationships so that ventures prosper in their ability to execute and we minimize the time it takes for others to find and meet each other
4. Inspire stakeholders so they feel excited and motivated to pursue great challenges together

Futurebound is open to change agents of all kinds. This includes people who are experts and generalists in early childhood and may be leaders, educators, clinicians, child care providers, entrepreneurs, researchers, pilot site partners, policy navigators, parents, active community members, or from other backgrounds.

- 2-hours in length
- Accommodate approx. 50 attendees (representing a range of passionate stakeholders)
- Must be interactive and facilitated (not a 2-hour presentation or panel)
- Example topic areas: child development, child care and family needs, venture development, problem solving as an ecosystem, and anything related to the Futurebound ecosystem. Content should inspire and engage people in the ecosystem.

- Collaborative- preferably facilitated by more than one organization and especially organizations from different sectors (i.e. radical collaboration)
- Innovative- uniqueness of topic or the delivery of the content
- Interactive- content provides many opportunities for attendees to discuss, think, play, or work together
- Relevant- a key issue facing more than one sector
- Inclusive- involves multiple perspectives and voices
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