EMCA 2020-21 Competitive Info - NATIONAL TEAMS
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Welcome Prospective EMCAers!
Thank you for your interest in joining EMCA for the 2020-21 season. We hope that the information pack included here will answer all of your questions and help you throughout the year.

In Season 12, we hope to continue to make EMCA more accessible to all.

- EMCA's competitive programme is open to athletes aged 4 to adult, male & female
- EMCA also runs recreational programme who do not compete
- EMCA caters for all levels and commitment levels
- USASF / IASF Levels 1-6
- Our season runs from the start of September 2020 to mid-July 2021
- This season we aim for every team to compete 4-5 times (depending on team)
- All athletes must attend every training session. Consistent training is the key to a successful and fun season
- EMCA are looking for unique individuals that would like to develop current skills and gain new skills throughout the season
- Not all teams require specific skills; for lower level teams we simply ask that you are hardworking, passionate and committed!
- EMCA are not just a team, but a family. We train hard and play hard together, so personality and teamwork count for a lot!


Phone Number: 07930 647032
Email Address: emca@live.com
Instagram: @emca_allstar_cheer
Facebook: @EMCAallstarcheer

Team Types & Levels of Commitment Required
EMCA 2020–21 Age Appropriate Teams
Changes to the age brackets for this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic to allow clubs to compete fairly against one another.

EMCA follows guidelines of cheerleading's most established worldwide governing body; IASF / USASF. These guidelines aim to "level the playing field" for competitive cheer, ensuring that athletes compete against others within their age group and skill level. We feel as a programme that it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the best experience and safety for all of our athletes. For more information on the International All Star Federation / United States All Star Federation, please visit www.iasfworlds.com / www.usasf.net

- EMCA reserve the right to set our own AGE MINIMUMS for members and TEAM LEVELS entered at each competition

- Athletes that are UNDER THE AGE MINIMUMS below may be invited to join EMCA and are assessed on a case-by-case basis

- Age for the season is determined by the athlete's age AS OF 31 AUGUST 2020
(Example - If an athlete is 12 as of 31 August 2020 and turns 13 in September 2020, their age for the season is still 12)

2020-21 Age Grid
Examples of Level Appropriate Tumble Skills
LEVEL 1: Forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, round-off, front & back walkover

LEVEL 2: Standing back handspring & round-off back handspring series

LEVEL 3: Jump to back handspring series, round-off back handspring tuck, punch front

LEVEL 4: Standing tuck, standing back handspring series to tuck / pike, punch front walkout into round-off back handspring straight

LEVEL 5: Jump tuck, back handspring series to whips & straights, punch front / Arabian walkout into round-off back handspring full, round-off back handspring full

LEVEL 6: Standing full, back handspring / whip to full, 1.5 walkout into round-off back handspring double full, round-off back handspring whip series to double full
EMCA 2020–21 Evaluations
Athletes are evaluated to be in the programme and cannot dictate a stunting role or specific team. We aim to accommodate everyone the best we can.

LOCAL AND OPEN TEAMS: No evaluation required. Athletes will be placed in an aged appropriate team. There is no charge for or this.

NATIONAL TEAMS: Due to the unusual 2019-2020 season cut short by the global COVID19 pandemic, we will be offering each athlete a group tumble session at The Cheer Gym in our new outdoor set up. If you would prefer to film your tumbles at home, please feel free to do this if you have a safe environment available. Videos need to be current and not from pre-lockdown. We will also be taking into account the first half of last season and engagement with the free virtual sessions that have been offered whilst the gym has been closed.

For new athletes transferring from a different programme, we ask that you send us videos of your stunting from the 2019-2020 season. This can be a competition routine if you can highlight which athlete you are e.g. "I am the backspot on the far left group in the first stunt and then centre in the pyramid".

A £10 evaluation fee is chargeable for National athletes wishing to be evaluated, following which you will be invited to a group tumble session of similar ability.

We will then place athletes in PROVISIONAL teams. These teams may change in September depending on the situation with COVID19 at the time which may mean we have restrictions in place.
EMCA 2020-21 NATIONAL Team Training Schedule
This is a provisional schedule.

Mini / Youth / Junior

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS @ 19.30-21.30

Open Non-Tumble
TUESDAYS @ 19.30-21.30

EMCA NATIONAL Teams 2020-21 Calendar
EMCA 2020–21 Attendance Policy
Please be aware that we do not mean to scare anyone with our attendance requirements. However, All-Star Cheerleading is a demanding team sport that takes full commitment from both athletes and parents. The following excused and unexcused policy is not bendable and applies to every team member. Please remember that one person can affect the entire team. As EMCA are a competitive programme it is crucial that athletes take part in ALL scheduled competitions and training sessions.

NB. We are continuing training throughout the School Easter Holidays 2021 due to closing for Worlds which falls at a later date next season. We relax our attendance policy throughout Easter as we know families do go away at this time, absences in this period will not affect athlete attendance records.

- Family bereavement
- Close family wedding
- Illness in line with Public Health School Exclusion guidelines
- Following current government guidelines for COVID-19
- Compulsory GCSE or A-Level field trip (letter from educational institute required with at least 4 weeks warning)

- Homework / Revising
- Parental Punishment e.g. being grounded
- Birthdays / Birthday Parties / Family Parties
- Prom
- School Trips
- Recreational Sports
- Holidays

We expect athletes to manage their school work efficiently so that you do not require sessions to be missed for last minute revision or assignment deadlines. EMCA athletes recognise the importance of exercise and taking breaks to aid their education.

We expect athletes to liaise with their employers to ensure any work commitments do not interfere with training or competitions.

1. Athletes may not miss any training dates in the 2 TEAM training sessions leading up to Competition for any reason. Missing these sessions will mean the athlete may not be able to compete in that competition - this decision is at the coaches discretion. Competition entry fees and spectator ticket monies will not be refunded.

2. Athletes may not miss any Competition dates.

3. Any events that conflict with dates on the EMCA Calendar must be communicated by email from a parent/guardian no later than 4 weeks before an EMCA event. Approval of the absence is always up to the EMCA Coach’s discretion.

4. Unexcused Absences within the season may result in loss of position on the team.

NB. If you have had less than 90% attendance this season, you will be contacted by the EMCA coaches to discuss whether you are able to commit for the 2020 - 21 season.
EMCA 2020–21 Membership Costs and Fees
EMCA is a registered charity (Charity No.: 1154233). We try to keep costs to an absolute minimum throughout the season and fundraise whenever possible. All members are expected to pay their fees on time and participate in fundraisers in order to share in funds. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your EMCA Membership, ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Goods will not be distributed without payment in full.

Please note that all team training fees will be payable monthly in advance of the months training - all paid via Coacha - we do not accept payments directly into the bank account or via cash. Payments are due on the 1st of each month; payment includes all compulsory training and competition entry fees. Payments will be spread over 11 months, first payment due 1st September and last 1st July, if you leave the programme prior to the end of the season you will still be eligible to pay the competition entry fees (competitions are entered in Sept 2020).

A £25 non-refundable registration is required by 31st August 2020 if you wish to accept your/your child’s place within a team - payable via the EMCA website shop. This covers the team t-shirt, Sport Cheer England membership and choreography contribution.

Monthly Payment Cost Breakdown:

Payments due Sept 1st 2020 monthly through to the last payment made on July 1st 2020 (payable monthly for 11 months).

NEW ATHLETES National Fees = £78
RETURNING ATHLETES National Fees = £69 (additional £3 per month if athlete was local in 2019-20 season)

NEW ATHLETES Open Non-Tumble Fees = £42
RETURNING ATHLETES National Fees = £35 (additional £3 per month if athlete was local in 2019-20 season)

New athletes to EMCA will be required to pay the competition top-up fees (included in fees) that returning athletes have already paid due to postponement of events in the 2019-20 season.

If you would like a breakdown of costs please do not hesitate to contact us.


Every cheerleader will need to buy a uniform & Nfinity trainers, and take responsibility for the upkeep.

NB. There may be limited opportunities to purchase second hand uniforms from graduating or growing athletes. Some teams will be having new uniforms and therefore will not have the opportunity to purchase 2nd hand.
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