Parent/Caregiver (Family) PTA Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey to assist the Penny Road PTA (PRE PTA) in planning for the 2021-2022 school year. As fellow parents we want to congratulate you all on a year that has challenged us all and pushed us all to new levels of the unknown. Kudos to each of you for forging ahead and helping your child(ren) rise as best we each can.

The PRE PTA is always striving to become better for our children and school community and we want to hear from you. Please know that the board will take this information and at all points possible use this information to help shape the year ahead but no assurances or guarantees can be made (especially given the unknowns associated with Covid).

We recognize that the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 years were quite different than any other years in the past, and know that the work of the PTA was significantly different. While we are still unsure of what the new school year will bring, we want to hear from you on the following matters:
Do you know how to become a member of the PRE PTA membership?
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Are you currently a PTA member? (paid your membership dues)
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If you are not a member of the PRE PTA membership, what is holding you back from becoming a member?
Do you feel that the PTA has volunteer opportunities that align with your interests?
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What grade is your child (ren) in, please check each box that applies:
What events specifically did your child (ren)/ family MISS this past school year? Check all that apply.
What events specifically did your child (ren)/ family NOT MISS this past school year? Check all that apply.
Do you know how to connect with anyone on the board of the PRE PTA?
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What is the best way for the PRE PTA to connect with you? Check all that apply.
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Are you interested in becoming a volunteer and interested in learning about the opportunities available for next year? Please type yes or no and include your email.
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