Dancehouse Space Hire - New Hirer Inquiry Form
This form should be completed by potential hirers looking to use our facilities for the following activities:

- Practice/ Rehearsal
- Creative development
- Classes or workshops (public or private, and either regular, intermittent or one-off hires)
- Work-in-progress showings (minimal tech or setup requirements - larger scale WIP showings may require additional information).

Please note further discussion with Dancehouse may be required before any further steps are taken in securing and confirming a hire.

Privacy of Information:
All information submitted via this from will be kept confidential and secure, and will be used exclusively to facilitate and inform our venue hire and event procedures.

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Tell us about your activities...
All of our hire spaces have the following equipment or facilities available for use with every hire:

- Basic sound system with headphone connector to playback from phone or laptop devices, and CD player.
- Table
- Yoga mats
- Pillows
- 3-5 Chairs
- Access to our green room and kitchen
- Heating

Please note that we do NOT provide mirrors in any of our spaces.

Anything additional to this list is subject to availability, and additional charges may apply.

Do you require additional equipment or facilities? Please describe:
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Aside from personal effects, please list any items you will bring onsite during your hire. *
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We like to share...
Dancehouse is a shared space and is in constant use at all times. It is common practice to allow other users egress through your space to other parts of the facility. We will schedule other hires by default between your work periods unless instructed otherwise. Additional charges may apply should you require exclusive access conditions.
Do you require exclusive use of the space for the full period of hire? (No other hirers when you are not in occupation) *
Do you require alternate egress be used to access other areas of the building? (No staff, crew, trades or other hirers passing through). *
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