Evaluate Your Company's Digital Marketing Score
Check if your website is built and maintained for growth and how to fix what's missing.
Is your website technically optimized for search engines?
15 points
Is your website checked regularly for technical issues that may prevent part of your site from indexation?
4 points
Is your website optimized for browsing on mobile devices?
16 points
Is your mobile site speed better than that of competitors?
9 points
Do you know who your target audience is?
11 points
Do you use email marketing?
11 points
Do you send personalized emails to your customers or prospects?
4 points
Are you tracking conversions on your website?
5 points
Is your conversion rate higher than 1.5%?
9 points
Do you use Paid Search Ads, Display Ads or Social Media advertising?
6 points
Do you use Remarketing ads?
6 points
Do you use marketing automation?
4 points
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