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Nominee must be a member in good standing of NMAEA for the past two years.
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Please provide a brief example of how you address the following: develops and implements a program model that has demonstrated growth and continuous improvement in terms of staffing, curriculum and assessment, instructional expectations, and materials management; creates opportunities for staff contributions to and participation in an innovative program design; develops and implements a program of content-related professional development that meets identified staff needs; initiates advocacy efforts on behalf of art education on multiple levels: with his/her staff at the site level, at the district and local school board level, within the community, and across the state; maintains awareness of current arts-related issues and political/legislative initiatives in terms of their implications for his/her program's viability; actively participates in the initiatives of arts-related community entities to further the mission of his/her program.
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Please list leadership positions and service in local, state, and national arts-related organizations (officer, committee chair, editor, presenter, etc.).
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