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How many books would you say you've read last year? *
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Besides the books you read as a whole class, how many books do you think you will read on your own this year? *
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If you were going to start a book club, what kinds of books (genre) would your club read? *
Examples: Fantasy, Romance, Comic, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction
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What do you like to do or read about
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3=Not At All!
Health/Disease Prevention
How to make things/bake
What are three things you like to DO when you have free time. (Besides seeing friends!) *
If it is watch tv, what shows? If it is use the internet/Social Media what kind? If it is to bake, what will you bring me to eat?
If people were to come to you for information about something you know a lot about, what would the topic be? *
Example: How to cook, Who do you think will will the football game and why? How do you make a ______?
When using the chromebook/tablet/phone: Are you using it to *
Check all that you use it for.
What careers are you currently interested in? *
Retail, teaching, video game designer, doctor etc.
How many siblings do you have and what are their ages. *
What extra activities do you like to do? (this might include, school clubs, sports, religion, work) *
What language do you speak at home?
What classes are you taking this year that concern you? *
What is your favorite type of music? *
What career do would you like to do when you graduate? *
Where would you like to live?
Name one skill you would like to develop? *
What do you appreciate? (think BIG here) *
What makes you angry or sad? *
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