Dragons Value Statements: Seeking YOUR Feedback on a Work-In-Progress
Dear Community,

Value Statements are the guiding and aspirational principles that unite a community, inform direction, and help a group make tough decisions in times of ambiguity.

Dragons began the work of crafting new Value Statements over a year ago. It started with a call to the community (staff, student, and admin) for essays in response to the prompt: "What is the heart of Dragons?" From those qualitative responses, a Word Cloud was born. (See image below.)

Dragons admin then used 237 phrases taken from the "Heart of Dragons" essays to create 50+ first draft Value Statements. With the help of our student ambassadors, we have narrowed the list down to 9 statements.

The aim of this survey is to find out if we're on track with these value statements, or need to further refine or build them. Just as we started with our community, we now turn to you again for your feedback in this final stage of review and revision.

Will you please take a few minutes to share with us your level of RESONANCE & INSPIRATION in response to the following proposed Value Statements?

There's space at the end of the survey to offer more feedback or write/add your own Value Statement if you feel something essential is missing.

Thank you so much for sharing your time, insights, and feedback with us.


The Humans @ Dragons HQ

"Heart of Dragons" Word Cloud...
Draft Value Statements: Please indicate on a scale of 1-10, how much you RESONATE with & feel INSPIRED by each of the following proposed Value Statements. (1 ="does not resonate/inspire" to 10 "deeply resonating/inspiring)"
We believe in slowing down, sharing a cup of tea, and listening to another person’s story. *
We challenge ourselves to confront systems of power and privilege and our roles within. *
We celebrate the courage it takes to venture into the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. *
We work to cultivate awe, reverence, and right action for our planet. *
We value curiosity and unscripted spaces to discover, learn, and grow. *
We strive to build community relationships that are reciprocal and sustainable. *
We believe in the power of hands-on experience to elevate perspective and understanding. *
We strive to access, hear, and share marginalized voices and perspectives. *
We consider it our work to plant the seeds of a more compassionate, just, and inclusive society and future. *
Feedback on any of the statements above & Space for Additional Proposed Value Statement(s) & (Please include your name and email if you'd like a response or to collaborate further!)
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Which do you most associate with? *
Into which age bracket do you fall? *
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THANK YOU. If you have any additional feedback that you'd like to discuss by email or otherwise, send a note to: christina@wheretherebedragons.com.
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