YWB Volunteer Opportunities
Your Whole Baby is run entirely by volunteer staff. Below you will find a list of volunteer positions that we need filled. We are looking for people who are reliable, passionate, organized, and are able to be gentle and respectful. Volunteers must be self-motivated. We are always happy to answer questions, but once you understand the task at hand, you need to be able to accomplish it without being prodded or reminded.

Volunteers must have a minimum of two hours a week to volunteer — the more time you have to dedicate, the more we can accomplish.

We have an amazing team of people from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems who all work together for a common goal. It's a lot of hard work, but an amazing and bonding experience.

Please note: We, very thankfully, receive a lot of requests to volunteer. You may not hear from us for weeks or even months, but as soon as we have a spot that needs to be filled, we will reach out. Thank you for your patience.

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If the position of State Director became available in your state, would you be interested in being a director for your state's FB group? *
Do you currently perform or assist with circumcisions in any way, or might you in the future? *
Please explain your experience as it relates to the position(s) you are applying for. For example, if you checked "Creating professional graphics," what experience do you have in graphic making? If you checked "editing" or "writing," what is your experience in these areas? *
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Do you have samples of your work? For example, graphics you have created, papers you have written, pieces you have edited, etc.? If so, please submit them to jen@yourwholebaby.org. *
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We are looking for volunteers who are self-motivated/self-starters, people who will take the initiative to learn and understand what is needed from them in their role and follow through with tasks without needing to be reminded or prompted. Please give one or more examples of when/how you have been self-motivated. *
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We are looking for volunteers who are dedicated to helping in their role for the foreseeable future, people who have a passion that will keep them motivated. For what extent of time do you foresee yourself volunteering? Six months? One year? Longer? Explain your answer. *
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If there is something you would like to do for the organization that is not listed above, please explain here.
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