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(2)於本中心辦理 TMC IR v2.0.1 資源包提供下載期間內,將以合理方式使用您的資料並善盡監督之責。對於提供之個人資料,您得行使下列權利:查詢、閱覽、複製、補充、更正,亦可隨時請求停止處理、利用及刪除。您亦可拒絕提供相關之個人資料,惟可能無法獲得或可能影響本中心提供之相關服務、活動與資訊。


電話:02-2788-6620 #8339 黃先生

Notification of the Collection of Personal Information


According to the Personal Data Protection Act (the Act),Taipei Music Center (refers to as “TMC” hereafter) issues its statement of personal data collection notification as follows:


A.    Classification of the personal data collected: 

name, birthday, gender, email address, tel. no., mobile phone no., job title, etc.

B.  By filling in the following fields and clicking ”submit”, you acknowledge that

you have read and understand and accept the followings:

1.     You agree that TMC use your own personal data to register for a membership and

Receive the newsletter of TMC via email.

2.     In a period of providing the resource package of IR v2.0.1 by TMC for user’s download, TMC will use your own personal data properly and responsibly

3.     TMC will also solicit your consent in advance before using your personal data to serve a purpose other than the one specified in Item A. While you may refuse to provide your personal data to TMC, you may lose certain rights or benefits as a consequence.

4.     In accordance with Article 3 of the Act, you may exercise the following rights to your own personal data, including to:

i. inquiry and request for a review of the personal data.

ii. make duplications of the personal data.

iii. request to supplement or correct the personal data.

iv. request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal data.

C.  If you have any questions or DO NOT accept the above, please contact us, +886-2-

2788-6620 #8339 Mr. Huang or email:

Please read the above terms carefully
While enjoying the free resources, please don't hesitate to take a few minutes to fill out the following information truthfully and help us advance the music industry together.
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