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Thanks for wanting to add a walk to To keep the system up to date and consistent we want to keep the experience as easy as possible. Please fill out this form and we will take the information and prepare the map and walk details. Please consider leaving your details at the end then we can check with you in a few days when the walk is ready.
Just dump the information the best you can - we will sweet the details so you don't have to.
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The Route
Please click on this URL then select the start, endpoint and add extra points if needed to show the route of the main walk. Once you have the route, copy and paste the new URL into this field.
The name of the walk
Points of Interest
Briefly describe two or three points of interest on the walk.
Why should this walk get added?
Try to 'sell' the walk, why should someone be interested in doing it? What is novel about this walk? What kind of experience can I expect on this walk? (We will use these concepts to help write part of the walk descriptions)
Side trips and Alternate routes
Briefly describe any side trips or alternate routes to add. eg "Optional side trip to Fishponds, there is a lovely waterhole and cave to see"
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