Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Giant Floor Map Booking Form
Thank you for your interest in the map. We're so glad that word about these amazing resources is getting out! This map shows the locations of Indigenous communities, residential schools, reserves and more. Rather than political borders, Canada is broken up into Indigenous language groups.

Floor map dimensions:
11 metres by 8 metres (35 feet by 26 feet)

The activity kit includes:
-A teacher’s guide
-Associated cards and materials for the activities in the teacher’s guide

For more information and downloadable learning activities and corresponding cards to review before the map arrives, visit:
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The map rental itself is just the cost of shipping to and from your location or you can arrange to pick it up and drop it off from our office on the south west side of Edmonton. *NOTE: The map weighs 110lbs and is the size of half a gymnasium.
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An ERLC facilitator can come out for a day during your rental to show you around the resource. If you want a facilitator as well, we charge $500 for 4 hours or less, and $1000 for more than 4 hours in a single day.
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What dates would you like the map? You may request the map for up to two weeks. The map must be returned to the ERLC Office within that two weeks. See current availability calendar:
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