Sylmar CHS Esports Club Application
Submit this application to be enrolled in the Schoology Esports Club group.

Esports Club members are eligible for all Esports Team activities and services. Select members are assigned responsibilities in various roles (President, Vice President, Secretary, PlayVS League Member, Technician) and will be expected to help maintain the facilities.

If you would like to join the club, please give us information about yourself. Club members are eligible to participate in and organize tournaments. Club members are given access to the Sylmar Esports Club login on all devices in Room 65.
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We will not discriminate based on GPA, but failure to report accurate information is grounds from dismissal from the club. Please be honest here!
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What position in the club would you like? Select as many as you feel comfortable being responsible for. Minimum 1 selection.
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If enough people request a game, I will try and find a way to get it on the computers/consoles for play testing in the club.
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