Study in Austria 奧地利留學講座(全英文講座)
總館留學資料中心於9月15日(六)邀請奧地利學術交流總署教師馬(Rebecca Madlener)介紹奧地利這個童話般的歐風小鎮,並講解準備申請的程序和獎學金申請等內容。

主題:「Study in Austria」
講師:馬蕾 (Rebecca Madlener)奧地利學術交流總署教師 / 東吳大學 德國文化學系)


Austria is a small mountainous country with a rich culture that can be seen and experienced everywhere you go. Austria has a variety of different degree programs and specializations in more practice-oriented or more academically oriented universities.
Studying in Austria gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, as well as to learn more about Austrian and European culture.

As there is not one unified system for how universities have to handle tuition fees, application requirements and deadlines, this lecture aims at giving you an overview of the most common scenario for university application and later studies in Austria. Furthermore, the lecture will give you an overview of resources you can use to research details on the situation at each individual university and for each individual degree program, so that you will be able to find out for yourself which Austrian university suits you best and what they require from their students.

Part I.Austria and Austrian Culture
✦ Basic information about Austria (location, population, …)
✦ Brief introduction to Austrian Culture and Language

Part II.Austrian Higher Education System
✦ Overview of Education system
✦ Types of universities and their specialties/ application requirements

Part III. Studying in Austria
✦ Why study in Austria?
✦ Useful information for studying in Austria (applications, requirements, programs offered, possible scholarships, …)
✦ Useful information for living in Austria (types of accommodation, living costs, working in Austria, …)
✦ Services offered by the OeAD


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