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EnVision OKC is a multi-pronged community engagement campaign specifically designed for our congregation with the goal of identifying who we are, naming our strengths, recognizing our opportunities, and visualizing our hopes for our shared future. Learn more by visiting: http://ohrkodesh.org/EnVision.

One main pillar of EnVision OKC are four large community conversations. Participate in as many or as few as you wish – each will be slightly different, though there is no need to attend more than one:
a. Sun, Jan 13, 10am-noon: Open Space
b. Tues, Feb 12, 7-9pm: Open Space
c. Sun, Feb 24, noon-2pm: World Café
d. Mon, Mar 11, 7-9pm: World Café

All Community Conversations will be facilitated engagements, but the two formats present different designs, and have different intentions.

The Open Space concept provides a format where participants create and manage the agenda by advancing conversation topics that matter to them. Participants will have the chance to suggest the topics they wish to discuss, and rotate among conversations as they wish, in the order they wish, and to the extent that they wish.

The World Café concept, by contrast, offers a way for small groups of people to have focused and deep conversations about pre-determined topics. Participants will have the chance to rotate around a variety of tables, each of which is dedicated to a pre-determined question, for a set period of time.

While formal RSVPs are not required for participation, knowing a headcount for each Conversation helps us plan ahead to ensure a high quality program.

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Check as many or as few as you wish. Each conversation will be slightly different, though there is no need to attend more than one. Descriptions of Open Space and World Cafe can be found above.
If attending either the Sun. Jan 13 AND/OR Sun Feb 24 Conversations, do you require childcare? *
Childcare will be provided as a courtesy so that as many members of our community can be engaged in EnVision OKC as possible. Note that the Conversation on Sun. Jan 13 will occur at the same time that ABRS is in session. If you have a child enrolled in ABRS, and plan to participate on Jan 13, you will not need separate childcare. The Conversation on Sun, Feb 24 will occur from noon-2pm, after ABRS is over. Please note that any child supervision will be provided ONLY for familial adults who will be participating in the EnVision OKC conversations, and the expectation is that parents/guardians will be in the building the entire time that supervision is provided. Parents/guardians are welcome to use their own judgement about bringing children into these Conversations either as silent guests, or as active participants. All Conversations are intended to be as inclusive as possible.
If you responded affirmatively to the need for childcare in the above question, how many children will require childcare?
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