Micasa 烘培課
時間 :
蛋糕/麵包課 9:30~13:00 3-4小時 發酵時間影響
席位有限, 全程實作,成品帶回家, 報名請早

地點:Micasa Kitchen 台北市北投路二段29號1樓 北投捷運站 出口左轉 穿過公園 走路3 分鐘
Tel: 02 28972622 官方帳號 Line ID: @micasa

成人烘培班 課程, “實作DIY,美味作品帶回家“

成人班也可以帶寶貝一起來上課喔 ,請留意,烘培課程設計以 大人課程為主,有規劃小孩玩樂空間

媽咪帶寶貝的上課方式 -
媽咪帶寶貝 來一起上課 ,每位小孩加收費用 200(3-7歲)幼兒加收費用500(0-3歲)。

Time: Bread or Dessert Lesson 9:30~ 13:00
All classes are DIY class and take home your beautiful dishes
Location:Micasa Kitchen No. 29, Section 2, Beitou Road, Taipei City, next to Beitou MRT 3 mins walk
Tel: 02 28972622 官方帳號 Line ID: @micasa

Adult baking class: These are full participation classes. Students practice techniques and prepare the menu items, students will bring home their own bread / dessert.

Adults + kids (0-6 years) class:

Mummy baby class-
Find relief for the busy mum life in our "Mum and kid baking class". Enjoy your time learning new cooking techniques and recipes in our specially designed cooking classroom. Our classroom integrates a playing area where kids can play, read books and have funs. If interested your kid can also take part in the class and maybe discover that he has a 3 star hidden talent. Our lessons cover bread, cake and desert baking, as well as Chinese cuisine tailor-made sessions for small groups.

Mummy baby class pricing:
One adult and one kid - NT 2000 (1800 +200)
*Limited to children 3-7 years old, each additional child costs 200NTD
*Children under 3 years old will be charged 500 NTD

報名的日期 Class date booking
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如果帶小孩 請填寫 小孩姓名 年齡 性別,謝謝您 If you take kids along, please advise the kid's gender and age, Thank you.
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如果想要其他的時間,請在這裏登記,揪滿6人即可開班,謝謝 / If you prefer other timings, please register here, we will open additional classes if there are 6 students .
注意事項 - 有特別的食物過敏請一定告知,如果孩子有其他需要注意事項 請先告訴我們,謝謝 您, Attention - if there are special food allergic or kids need special care, please do let us know, thank you
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報名順序以匯款先後為準,如果當堂課額滿,可以選擇立刻退款 或 選擇其他堂課,匯款之後請email :micasa882016@gmail.com 姓名,匯款帳號後4碼 ,我們會回覆課程確認信給您。 謝謝您 Seats are reserved upon payment confirmation. Kindly email the transfer slip to: micasa882016@gmail.com Thank you.銀行資料 如下 匯款帳號-510120000746 戶名-橘霖企業有限公司 台北富邦 (012)Taipei Fubon bank, Bank acct 510120000746 - Acct name Orange Spring Company Ltd.,
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