Advanced Reading Challenge Junior (ARC Jr.) Commitment Form: Grades K-2
The purpose of the ARC Jr. is to challenge students to read 20 books chosen from an approved book list, over the course of one school year and complete 20 personal, creative reflections based on the book's genre; demonstrating a review of the book's message and sharing personal reflections about the book in a creative way. (*Five of the 20 may be in the form of an AR quiz with a score of 90% of better.) Students who complete the challenge will be awarded with a $25.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

Please read the following statements below and type your name to indicate commitment to the ARC program for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Student Commitment: I accept the Advanced Reading Challenge. I commit to reading 20 books from the ARC Jr. list. I understand that these should be books I have not previously read. I commit to sharing the message of the books with my teacher, class, parent/guardian or school group in a creative way and documenting all books I read through preparing an ARC Jr. portfolio. Please select your grade level below: *
Student Name (Will be used as a signature agreeing to the ARC Jr. commitment as written above.) *
Parent Commitment: I accept to support my child with the Advanced Reading Challenge Junior. I am committed to supporting my child in his/her endeavor to read 20 books, complete 20 personal reflections, share these reflections with others and keep a portfolio to highlight these accomplishments. I sign to acknowledge that I am aware of the ARC Jr. requirements that my child will read each book and complete the personal reflection independently. *
Parent Name (Will be used as a signature agreeing to the ARC Jr. commitment as written above.) *
If my child completes the challenge, I would like the gift card: *
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