I would like to collaborate / align to the Reinventing Work brand
This form is for anyone who is looking collaborate / align their project or idea to the Reinventing Work brand. Before completing the form please read the Reinventing Work: Handbook for guidance on what's important to us https://reinventing-work.gitbook.io/handbook. You can also chat your idea through with Brand Stewards Mark Eddleston and Mike Dunn.

The purpose of this form is to check alignment with Reinventing Work's purpose, values, and our principles on profit and promotion. Also for us to ask some questions to help us understand your idea, to asses risk, and to ensure really great work is aligned to Reinventing Work.

Your responses will be reviewed by the Reinventing Work Brand Stewards. It is their role to ensure projects and ideas looking for Reinventing Work brand alignment are considered thoroughly, are a great fit, and are mutually beneficial. On issues relating to brand, the decision lies with the Brand Stewards.

A sentence or two for each response is plenty 👍
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