Education Technician (incorporating HE Assistant Technician and Simulation-based Education Technician) Apprenticeship Standard Consultation
During development, we have had significant interest in the Standard and we have been working with colleagues across the HE and SBE sector. However, before progressing we now need to establish whether what we have developed is clear, relevant and usable by you / your institution / organisation.


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Q1. What is your current role?
Q2. Does the Standard, as written, provide a coherent, relevant and usable framework to enable you to deliver a Level 3 Technical Apprenticeship in your institution/organisation?
If No or Not Sure to any of the above, please explain why, providing detail so that we are clear what changes, if any, are needed
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Q3. HE ONLY - The HE Option within the Standard requires the apprentices to study for and take a level 3 qualification. We have currently listed three level 3 qualifications identified as relevant at this level.
BTEC Nationals Level 3 Applied Science
BTEC Nationals Level 3 Engineering
BTEC Nationals Art & Design
Are there other relevant qualifications that you feel we should consider including in the list of possible qualifications?
If yes, please state below
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Q4. Once developed...
...will you use the Standard?
If yes, approximately how many apprentices per year would you recruit?
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If No or Not Sure, what are the reasons for your answer?
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Q5 TRAINING PROVIDERS ONLY - Off the job training
Are you able to deliver Level 3 'Off the Job' training against the standard?
If No or Not Sure, please give details
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Q6 Additional Feedback
Do you have any additional feedback on the Standard?
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Thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated.
If you wish to be kept up to date on the progress of the standard, please enter your email address below
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