Genesee Early College 2021-2022 New Student Enrollment Application
New Student Application 2021-2022 School Year
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Contact Information: Please contact Margaret Green at, Raven Johnson at and Anna MacDonald at for more information regarding enrollment.
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If the student is accepted to GEC, please indicate that you are aware that he/she may be required to take a math and/or Spanish assessment to receive high school credit for classes previously taken. The algebra 1 assessment covers standards that can be found at *
Student must complete the following questions in his/her own words.
Explain why you are interested in attending Genesee Early College at the University of Michigan-Flint? *
Write a brief summary of your previous school experience. Explain what has been a positive experience, and what has been a negative experience. How did you respond to the negative experience? In retrospect, what would you do differently? What did you learn? *
Describe your greatest strength, and give an example that provides evidence of this quality. *
Tell us about a recent experience when you have had to handle conflict. What happened, and how did you resolve the issue? And, in retrospect, what would you do differently? *
Genesee Early College has a rigorous curriculum that many students find more demanding than their previous experiences. Describe how you would handle the increased responsibility and expectations that comes with enrolling at Genesee Early College. *
Genesee Early College offers a college-like experience. Students may have time where they are not in a high school or college class. Give three examples of how you will demonstrate responsibility with this non-class time. *
List three (3) characteristics that describe you the best: *
Answer Yes or No to the following questions:
Are you interested in taking college courses as a substantial component of your high school schedule? *
Do you have any behavior records within the last three (3) years? (Provide a copy with your application. If you have no behavior records, you must provide a signed statement from your school stating you have no behavior records.) *
Have you taken the ACT, SAT, EXPLORE, PLAN, MEAP, MSTEP, NWEA or other standardized assessments? (If yes, provide copies with your application.) *
This form authorizes Genesee Early College to access other student records deemed necessary by the enrollment team during the acceptance process. Do you agree to these terms? *
Please email the following documents to the contact information provided above: Transcript or Report Card, Standardized Assessments, Discipline Profile, Attendance Profile, Teacher Recommendations, Immunization Record, Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency.
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