Request for Information--Performances
Please use this form to give us some information about your performance, your company, your technical needs and expectations. Thank you!
What is your company's mission/vision?
Please provide a description of the show.
What do you hope the audience will gain/learn/experience from the show?
Wise Fool's mission is to ignite imagination, build community, and promote social justice through circus and puppetry. How would your show be in accordance with/contribute to that mission?
What are your preferred show dates/times?
What are your projected arrival/departure dates?
How many people will you be traveling with? Do they include technical staff? Lighting tech? Sound tech? Stagehands? What are your accommodation plans?
If you are not bringing your own technical staff (i.e. lights/sound), do you plan to hire local technical support, and will you need assistance finding technical staff?
What are your rigging needs? (If you have a rigging diagram, or technical rider, please send along)
How much tech rehearsal time do you need, and what timing do you expect for that?
Do you have a press release for the show (please send along if you do). If not, please let us know when we can expect one by.
Please describe your plan for advertising your show in Santa Fe.
Who will be responsible for setting up ticket sales and/or responding to questions?
What ticket price(s) do you plan to charge.
Would you like to host workshops as a part of your visit? If so, please describe the workshops you'd like to offer, what you intend to charge, and how many students you need to make it worth your while.
What is your name and contact information? *
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