Boulder County Leadership Fellows Application 2017
The Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber are making an open call for applicants to their joint leadership and networking program: Leadership Fellows Boulder County. This will be the 9th Fellows cohort, and the 5th year of a merged program combining the strengths of the Community Foundation and Boulder Chamber's long-standing commitment and experience in local leadership development.

Leadership Fellows Boulder County will again provide approximately 35 emerging and transformational leaders from across sectors with a broad understanding of Boulder County’s economic, civic and cultural drivers. The program offers participants a deep appreciation for the social, environmental and economic interests our leaders must balance in their decisions. Additionally, the program is heavily focused on transformational and inclusive leadership practices.

Transformational and inclusive leaders motivate and inspire others by providing meaning and challenge. They stimulate others to be creative and innovative by questioning assumptions, reframing problems and defining new solutions.

Inclusive leadership:
- Develops people
- Treats people as individuals
- Treats others with dignity and respect
- Shows respect for the ideas and views of others
- Recognizes the value of different working styles and skills
- Values multiple views
- Respects diversity

The program’s curriculum emphasizes building networks and tangible tools for local leadership roles. Curriculum topics may include, among others, Boulder County economics, Local Government 101, inclusive leadership, planning and development, critical human needs, health, education, the arts and culture, and selling your vision – as well as roundtable discussions on a range of timely issues, from affordable housing to immigration and criminal justice.

Leadership Fellows Boulder County will begin in September of 2017. Monthly half-day sessions will take place throughout Boulder County and will feature facilitated conversations with current leaders from the business, civic, nonprofit and cultural sectors.

Tuition is $1,500 for the 11-month program. Scholarships are available based upon need.

The Community Foundation:
Boulder Chamber:

As a Boulder County Leadership Fellow, you must:
- Work and/or live in Boulder County
- Have a desire to make a positive impact
- Be willing to challenge yourself and others
- Be open to new thinking about your role as a leader
- Commit to attend monthly half-day sessions for 11 months
- Have a willingness to work collectively and be open to learning

Leadership Fellows Boulder County graduates are expected to take on a local leadership role (i.e., join a nonprofit or government board/commission, work on a candidate or initiative campaign, join a neighborhood or school association, or run for office) within six months of completing the program.

The Leadership Fellows Boulder County program has a high commitment to inclusivity. We are happy to provide accommodations to allow a diverse array of participants. However, please note, sessions will be conducted in English.

Application timeline:

July 17 Applications due by end of day
August 1 Applicants notified
September 12 Leadership Fellows Boulder County Program Begins, 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
Subsequent meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of the month,1:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.
July 10, 2018 Final meeting

NOTE: Once every quarter, sessions are from noon - 5:00 p.m. with lunch provided for Fellows and guests.
100% attendance is expected. No refunds after the second meeting.

All questions are required, please fill out the entire application.

Applicant first name
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Applicant last name
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City where you live
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City where you work
Your answer
Title or position
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Organization or company
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Home address
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What element of our community’s diversity would your participation in this program bring?
Your answer
How did you hear about this program?
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Have you served or are you currently serving on any advisory committees, boards, and/or commissions, or in political office?
If 'Yes,' please list.
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Tell us about a leadership role you would like to gain in our community.
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How do you hope to advance as a leader from this program?
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Please email a copy of your current resume to
Your resume should include:
- A brief description of your responsibilities, including prior experience in your current line of work.
- Any past relevant experience, professional and/or volunteer.
- All relevant education experiences (e.g., formal education, community convening opportunities, personal mentoring, and leadership trainings).
Essay Questions
Please respond to the following inquiries (150 words or less per question).
1. Please provide a brief biography of your leadership experience, including formal or informal settings.
Your answer
2. Who in your family or community has had the most impact upon your growth as a leader and why?
Your answer
3. Discuss two of the most significant challenges Boulder County faces today and how you believe you can help to address one of these challenges.
Your answer
4. Describe the changes you hope to see take place in your community in the next 10 years and your role in bringing them about.
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Scholarship Applicants: Please fill out this section.
Leadership Fellows Boulder County is strongly committed to inclusion of participants from diverse economic backgrounds. While we have a limited pool of funding available for scholarships, we encourage you to apply if the program is a fit for you. We expect demand for scholarships to exceed what we can provide. All participants will be asked to contribute minimum $200 toward tuition.

For information about scholarships, please contact us at

Tell us about why you need scholarship assistance.
Your answer
How much can you personally contribute? How much can your organization contribute?
Your answer
What will you be able to do differently as a result of this opportunity?
Your answer
Letter of Recommendation: Due July 17, 2017
In addition to this application, each applicant must submit a letter of recommendation. Ideally, recommendations will be from someone who is familiar with the applicant’s leadership experience and/or abilities. The letter may be submitted with your application or sent separately.

In each letter the following must be included:
- Applicant name
- Name of reference
- Contact email/phone
- Relationship to applicant
- Signature of reference

Please highlight the applicant’s potential or realized leadership skills and experience and characterize his/her commitment to community.

Please email your recommendation letter by July 17, 2017 to .

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