EAST #1 2019-2020: Parent Volunteer Sign-Up
The first 2019-2020 South EAST @ West Broward will be held on October 1st!!
Times are from 1:00/1:30 PM, when the debaters will arrive, to 6 PM, at the latest.

It is imperative that everyone makes their BEST effort to be available to help volunteer and assist on this day. This tournament is one which shows other schools how great of a team we are and our passion for prolonging the generations of debaters. It is important that we work together in order to make this tournament successful. 

Parents, friends, and family members thank you for taking the time to volunteer and be a part of this great production. We appreciate any time that you all may be able to take out of your busy schedules to come and assist. Along with donating your time, we greatly appreciate any tangible donations that are made. There are no predetermined and set roles for parents as of now; at a later date, assignments and roles will be established. Any contribution is helpful and viable for the success of this team. 

If there are any extenuating circumstances, time constraints, questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Harrison and Katie Pacini. It is important that communication is effective and proactive to eliminate any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Mrs. Harrison (Head Coach)
- phone: (954) 802-6074
- email: diane.harrison@browardschools.com

Mrs. Awve (Booster Club President)
- phone: (954) 817-9214
- email: jackie@awvemarketing.com

Casey C. Glymph (President)
- phone: (954) 909-2686
- email: caseycglymph@gmail.com

Katie Pacini (Tournament Manager)
- phone: (954) 258-3426
- email: katieepacini@gmail.com

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