The Climakers - Case Study
COVID 19 has affected disruptively the agricultural sector worldwide, with farmers asked to keep on working to ensure food security and a burden on the entire food value chain to function properly while facing operational obstacles.

It is undoubted that the pandemic outbreak has coupled with climate challenges, increasing pressure on fragile agricultural systems.

In the actions of mitigating climate change effects and adapt it to, how does COVID 19 affect the capacity of the farmers in your country?

Which are the best practices you are implementing to adapt to it and/or mitigate its effects considering the need to continue working during the health emergency?
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1. Name of the organisation and type of farming activity (100 words maximum) *
2. Climate change effects and impacts in the farming sector in the framework of the COVID 19 pandemic (200 words maximum) *
3. Best practice implemented to adapt to and/or mitigate climate change effects considering the COVID 19 pandemic impacts (500 words maximum) *
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5. Explain farmers’ challenges and needs in the short term of health emergency and in the long term beyond the pandemic (200 words maximum) *
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If you could share at least 3 pictures illustrating in the best possible way what you have undertaken to cope with climate change, it would be greater!
Please, send the pictures via email at with "Name and Surname" in the subject.
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