Junior Counselor Recommendation Form 2019
Thank you for taking the time to complete this recommendation for this Junior Counselor applicant. Our Junior Counselor program at Camp Luther is a vital part of our summer ministry to children, families, and fellow staff members. Your comments will help us in the selection of a qualified Junior Counselor staff for our summer ministry program. Please complete by February 1st.

If you have any special comments/concerns about the applicant please email kardia@campluther.com or call our office at 715-546-3647.

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Please honestly rate the following characteristics:
This person displays mature decision-making skills.
This person has good self-awareness and is considerate of others' feelings.
This person works well on a team.
This person is timely and responsible with assigned tasks.
This person responds well to authority.
This person has a positive attitude concerning church/school.
What three words best describe this person?
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How would you describe the biggest strengths of this person?
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In what areas does this person need to grow?
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How would you describe this person as a leader?
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In what ways would this person help serve Camp Luther as a Junior Counselor?
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How would you describe this person's desire to invest in and impact kids for Jesus Christ?
Does this person appear to have a developed, growing Christian faith?
In what ways have you seen this person's faith lived out?
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How would you describe this person's interaction with kids? (Check all that apply.)
Would you want your child placed under the direct charge, influence, or care of this individual?
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