Organizational Endorsement: No More Militarized Policing or Urban Shield in SF
Dear Supervisor,

Our organization joins a growing coalition urging you to support upcoming legislation (File #170873) that would prohibit City and County participation in Urban Shield and other programs that promote the militarization of law enforcement. It was introduced on July 25, 2017 by Supervisor Norman Yee, cosponsored by Sup Malia Cohen, and has been assigned to the Public Safety committee.

Urban Shield is a regional, national and global weapons expo and SWAT training that has taken place annually in Alameda County since 2007. It brings together law enforcement agencies and first responders from across the country and world under a “nexus to terrorism” framework – including San Francisco Police, Sheriff’s, and Fire Departments – to receive training and resources that are then used repress, criminalize, and militarize our communities.

The SF Board of Supervisors plays an important role in determining the nature, form, and implementation of the region’s emergency preparedness. Shifting disaster preparedness priorities toward community strength and resilience and away from war games and militarization is an important way to demonstrate a commitment to shoring up preparedness without making the city and county’s communities vulnerable.

I ask that you and the rest of the Board of Supervisors use your power to prohibit San Francisco City and County funds to be used for participation in Urban Shield and other violent police militarization programs, and in so doing, recommit to community based safety and emergency preparedness.

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