Application process
Tutor applicants fill out the application form during the application time, 1.-28.2.2019. All applicants are interviewed in March and April in group interviews; we have quite tight schedule and we ask to reserve some time to be able to attend the given interviewing times. The results will be given out on 9th April latest unless otherwise stated. Decisions are based on the application and interview. The comparison criteria are group working skills, activity, dominance or impressiveness, flexibility, argumentation and performance. In case of more applicants than positions, group dynamics of the whole group is considered.
New tutors for exchange students needed!
This is the application form for exchange student tutoring activities in Helga and Haaga-Helia. By filling out this form, you apply to Helga tutor team for the full academic year 2019-2020. The role of an exchange student tutor is to guide and assist the incoming students in practical matters, build the team spirit among the group and integrate the students to the student community of Haaga-Helia and Finnish student life.

This application is for exchange student tutors only! Please see through the application process, training and compensations below. You can be from any degree program in Haaga-Helia and will tutor the exchange students on your own campus - not necessarily only in one's own degree program.

Helga wishes you best of luck for the application period - we can't wait to meet you!

More information:

Julia Tuuri
member of the board


Tea Sissonen

Training of new tutors
Prior knowledge of tutoring, Haaga-Helia or student union is not necessarily needed. Tutors are trained to their work by the Student Union of Haaga-Helia - Helga. Participation is mandatory to all training listed below:

* Afternoon trainings on 2.5. and 3.5. in Haaga campus (small auditorium)

* Tutor camp on 6.-7.5., Kesärinne, Tuusula

* Pick-up revision on 7.8.2019

* Pick-ups 12.-13.8.

Please notice, the participation in trainings is prerequisite to tutoring!

Benefits of tutoring
Tutoring is a 3 ECTS or 5 ECTS course in Haaga-Helia and reportage is made in the end of the tutoring year. In addition to the credits, you develop your skills in organizing, performing, social situations and leadership - and receive a hold bunch of new friends around the world. What is more, the tutors are entitled and highly encouraged to participate on the exchange student activities of ESN Helga.
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