The Farm at St. Joe's Subsidized CSA Program (Summer 2018) Application
Thank you for your interest in the Farm at St. Joe's Subsidized CSA Program (Summer 2018). This program is grant funded and free to qualifying families. Please fill out the application below.

Please email ( or call 734-712-4667 with questions.

*Interested in the CSA, but do not qualify for the subsidized program? Please learn more about our membership rates at

In order to qualify for the subsidized program, you must meet the following criteria. By checking the boxes below, you are promising that each statement is true for you. *
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Where do you most often look for recipes?
What types of information and programming would you find most useful?
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Please select an orientation date. This is when you will receive your start-up box: a free cookbook, cutting board, and knife set. *
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