Welcome to the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets ( CCEM Initiative on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

This initiative is creating a world-wide innovation community for impact. This community will translate SDG's into Cloud, AI, Big Data, and IoT challenges; focus innovation on well-defined problems; produce data sets and validation in the field for new innovations; and accelerate the adoption of proven solutions for impact. It will do this through an Open Innovation Platform that brings together all stakeholders in the Innovation Ecosystem.

Please register here if you would like to be part of this initiative and active community participating in Innovation Challenges, Research Areas, Internship opportunities, Investment Opportunities, Student Projects, and Technical Business Plans on applying Cloud, AI, Big Data, and IoT technologies to the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Students, Faculty, Professionals, Others -- all are welcome to join this initiative.
CCEM SDG Initiative
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