This February, Sew a Softie partners with the Children's Museum of the Arts, New York City as part of their CIVICKIDS campaign.

Sew a Softie will participate with a global kids sewing party and invites everyone, any where in the world with kids, grandkids, a school class, a sewing group or club to join in. You can schedule your party anytime in February.

The children participating will sew a softie to give to someone in their community. The recipient may be a friend, a family member, an elderly neighbour, a local hospital, a nursing home, library, shelter or anyone whom they wish to reach out to.

By showing children that they can both have fun and make a difference in someone’s life the Sew a Softie Global Kid’s Party hopes to help children see for themselves that they don’t need to wait till they are adults to contribute meaningfully to their community.

Please tag photos with #sewasoftie #CMACIVICKIDS.

Photos will be featured in the Museum's online exhibition and on the Sew a Softie Instagram page.

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