Application for Participation in Comfort for Labor Online Class Filming/ Photoshoot
Thank you for your interest! We are really excited about this project! Please read this:

This project is to do a photoshoot and record an online class that will eventually be sold under Warm Scarf Doula (also currently undergoing rebranding and renaming). Photography & videography is being managed by Morgan J Photography (

Comfort Measures (or comfort for labor techniques) are techniques used in labor to support birthing people, giving them the temporary relief they need to cope with the contractions and pressure of labor. These techniques are non-medical and not invasive. Most comfort measures can be done with clothes on. Wardrobe and minimal bare skin will be discussed in detail before filming. You will always have the right to say no!! We will never push anyone outside of their comfort zone or to do anything they don't like for the sake of filming.

We anticipate filming two or three separate days with different couples/birthing people (single birthers are welcome to apply!) on each day to avoid having too many people at one time. Although we will be taking as many precautions as possible, we also must inform you of the risk of filming in-person during this pandemic. We will require a release of liability to be signed for the comfort measures techniques and for COVID-19.

To keep everyone as safe as possible, everyone involved will be required to:
-NOT have traveled by air, bus, or train in the 14 days leading up to the filming,
-NOT have a fever (temperatures will be checked before filming also),
-NOT have other COVID-19 symptoms (see CDC website for list),
-NOT have been exposed to someone with known COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to the filming, and
-be actively wearing a mask and using all the recommended precautions in public and especially while shopping in the 14 days leading up to filming.

We will try to keep a minimum number of people on site during filming. The birthing person is permitted (and encouraged) to bring one support person with them.

Filming will take place at "It's Neighbor Made," a woman owned and operated local art (& more!) shop in downtown Catonsville, MD and at a privately owned farm/ campsite in Frederick, MD. Please pick the location that would work for you.

UPDATE: A third location with more dates is being planned & coordinated! Expect more dates to appear end of October for another yoga studio in Catonsville. We are hoping to feature an actual hospital maternity bed so we can demonstrate hospital specific & epidural specific techniques! This is really exciting and we truly hope it works out! So please let us know if these tentative dates would also work for you.

As our thank you! We will be gifting every birthing person who participates with a virtual via Zoom, private Comfort for Labor Class with Katie Tighe of Warm Scarf Doula (valued at $120+, not transferable to anyone else, separate from the actual filming) OR a private, Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class (valued at $100, not transferable to anyone else).

There will be no cash or check payments made the filming or after the sale of the class.

We anticipate filming to be between an hour and 3 hours each day. You will not be expected to every filming day. Pick the dates & locations that work for you!

We won't have a makeup artist on site due to the pandemic. We are counting on everyone being able to do some basic makeup before filming.

LATEST UPDATE ON DATES/LOCATIONS: 10.05.2020 see form below...

If you have any questions, please send us an email!
Katie Tighe (she/they) & Morgan Johnson (she/her) | 864.356.3487 |

If you are interested in this class but do not want to be recorded, please consider being a tester instead! Link for waiting list/ pre-registration here:
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Do you or your partner/support person have any mobility concerns? (One of the studios is located on the second floor without access to an elevator. The farm is rural but we will be able to drive up to the filming location.) *
Representation matters. We are accepting applications from everyone; however, we are hoping to be able to choose birthing people to participate who represent our diverse and inclusive community. So please tell us about yourself! Are you cisgender, transgender, genderqueer, or genderfluid? Are you queer or identify with LGBTQIA+? Are you Black, POC, Indigenous, white, expat, or other? Religious? We want to know more about you, so please share whatever you would like to share. We will never ask people to look or dress outside of their comfort zone or outside of their normal. We want to see people being themselves!
Do you have an anterior placenta? *
Do you have hypermobility? *
Food allergies? What are your favorite snacks/drinks? (we will have some snacks during the filming!) *
Do you have any other concerns/ considerations that we should be aware of before filming/ doing comfort for labor techniques?
Which class would you like as our GIFT to you for participating? (Only available for those who actually help us record this comfort for labor class in person. Simply applying does not qualify you for the free gift. Not transferable to anyone else. Cannot be exchanged for cash value. No purchase necessary.) *
Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share?
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