Find Your Voice Program Application
‘Find Your Voice’ is a virtual, guided 9-session program built specifically for women leaders on a mission. I will be your coach throughout and facilitate the ‘flow’ of the sessions – engaging you with key questions and providing feedback to help align and organize your vision.

In addition to the nine (9) virtual coaching calls, you also have access to me via email to ask questions as you see fit. I will do my best to answer them within 24 - 48 hours. I am also available to engage with and provide feedback on any material pre- or post-deployment during our time together (like social, any content you’re developing that you’d like a set of eyes on, etc.)

I only work with 1 client per 9-week rotation to give them my full attention (I have marketing clients + strategy sessions, but only one FYVP client running at a time).


Female visionaries, entrepreneurs + healers with established brands and missions who are looking to better organize how all the pieces fit together, tell their own personal stories and more deeply connect with their audiences WITHOUT COMPROMISING THEIR VOICE + VALUES. These are women who know they're called to do bigger things, and want to be committed to authenticity in the process.


1. You are able to invest in yourself with time and money.
--> You are able to commit to 9 weeks of continuous content work. This includes regularly scheduled weekly 1.5 hour session + completing discovery/reflection on your own time.
--> You are able to commit to prepayment of the program cost of $1497 in full, or in three breakout payments over 9 weeks (invoiced every 3 weeks prior to next set of sessions).

2. You are committed to doing the hard work.
--> This isn't a checklist program. Not even close. It's a back and forth talk-it-out, conversation based program. By the end of the program, you will be provided with a 'brand book' with key items discussed for your future reference, keeping you on track.
--> There is a lot of discovery/reflection you will be participating in on your own time – this includes gathering testimonials, laying out commitments, brainstorming/mind-mapping.

3. You believe in authentic storytelling without compromising your vision and values.
--> You will be vulnerable and forthcoming with your why, vision and values.
--> You want to use digital media as a means to build stronger relationships.
--> Numbers aren't the most important thing to you, the quality of your content is.

If you'd still like to move forward...fill out the application below and I will be in touch to discuss details of the program in further detail.

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