Concert Review Form 2022-2023
To review each concert
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For each of the next sections please score each with the following and include why you gave that score.
(A) 5 points -- A Superior performance- outstanding in nearly every detail
(B) 4 points -- An Excellent performance - minor defects
(C) 3 points -- A Good performance - lacking finesse and/or interpretation
(D) 2 points -- A Fair performance - basic weaknesses
(F) 1 Point -- A Poor performance - unsatisfactory
NOTES Section: please type here anything you hear while listening to your video/recording.
TONE QUALITY - consider : resonance, control, clarity, focus, consistency, and warmth *
TONE QUALITY- Why did you choose that score? *
INTONATION - consider: within ensemble, accuracy to printed pitches *
INTONATION - Why did you choose that score? *
RHYTHM - consider: accuracy of note and rest values, duration, plus, steadiness, correctness of meters. *
RHYTHM - Why did you choose that score? *
BALANCE, BLEND - consider: likeness of qualities, awareness of ensemble *
BALANCE, BLEND - Why did you choose that score?
TECHNIQUE - consider: artistry, attacks, releases, control of ranges, musical and or mechanical skill *
TECHNIQUE - Why did you choose that score? *
INTERPRETATION, MUSICIANSHIP - consider: style, phrasing, tempo, dynamics, emotional involvement *
INTERPRETATION, MUSICIANSHIP - Why did you choose that score? *
BOWING - consider: uniformed bowing, appropriate stylistic articulations, length, positioning *
BOWING - Why did you choose that score? *
OTHER FACTORS - consider: appearance, poise, posture, general conduct, mannerisms, expression *
OTHER FACTORS - Why did you choose that score? *
What was the total points? (add all the sections) *
Final Rating
Using the total score above, find the rating that matches the score and answer it in the question below.

Superior (I) -->    35 - 40 points
Excellent (II) -->  28 - 34 points
Good (III) -->       20 - 27 points
Fair (IV) -->          13 - 19 points
Poor (V) -->          0 - 12 points
What Rating did you give this performance? *
Notes to Mr. Ehrlich. Do you have anything you need or would like to tell me about the concert that wasn't included in this form?
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