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GUIDELINES for free E­ Posters:
1. Presenting author should be member of any FOGSI Society.
2. Presenting Author MUST be a registered delegate of IOI­2 Conference
3. Each delegate will be allowed to present one poster.
4. Only two PowerPoint slides for presentation are allowed.
5. Each speaker will be allotted 8 minutes for presentation followed by 2 minutes of discussion.
6. All presentations will be property of POGS.
7. Headings should be as a) Introduction b) Objectives c) Methods & Materials d) Results
e) Discussion and f) Conclusion
8. Submitted papers will be divided into 3 categories: Post­graduate (Letter from HOD is must),
Junior consultant (<40yrs), Senior consultant (>40yrs)
9. The last date for submission of E­poster is 25th July 2021.
10. Each E­poster presentation will be pre­recorded between 25th July till 5th August 2021. Details of
recordings will be communicated to you on 26th July, 2021 & link of all presentations will be shared
with delegates for their perusal.
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